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    Changing a messages graphics based on a variable

    Try Hime's "Placeholder Graphics" script, it should do exactly what you want. Link here
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    How do I make a window Opaque?

    You will have to explain in more detail what you want to do. Do you mean the windowskin? A specific window in the game? The game window itself? Your query is too vague to be answered properly.
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    Getting event to work with multiple conditions?

    Variables are really not that different from switches. A switch is a boolean function, which means it only has two states: true/false, yes/no, on/off, 1/0 etc. Switches always start in the off (false) position. Variables are similar, just that they have more possible states. You use them as...
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    Efficiency standards

    There is also the issue with scripts. Most scripts come from experienced scripters who will reasonably know what they're doing, so those new functions shouldn't add much, if any, lag. There are however also others (Sturgeon's Law and all that). Conversely there are anti-lag scripts which try to...
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    Event triggering for 2 locations

    I can confirm this, and surely so can many others. On that note kn1000a, you should give this a read: It's quite an enlightening essay and contains many general useful tips for budding game designers.
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    Efficient way to have 2+ characters on the map, talking and acting simultaneously?

    If I understand you right, you don't need to do any of this. You just have to define as my move routes as there are chars, so one each, and only the last has Wait ON, the others have Wait OFF. From what I heard you cannot, however, have multiple text boxes open at once.
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    Trouble w/ Event Triggering From One Direction

    Yeah, sounds like a direction fix issue. What you probably need to do is Direction Fix ON and use a moveroute that disables it, then plays your animation provided the player interacts with it. After that interaction is over, the last command should be a moveroute with the reverse and direction...
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    A starting point for new users (V1.2)

    An excellent essay and something I would wholeheartedly recommend to every budding game designer. Thank you for writing it.
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    Semi transparent event issues. curse of a black box.

    Maybe this will help you. Also, since your event already uses max speed and frequency, you can delete those instructions from its walk path. You should also set it to Above Characters, Action Button, and Through ON.
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    Erasing events on map to reduce lag?

    I chose the maximum number to make sure it wouldn't be a fluke of my CPU being too powerful and thus falsifying the result once I erased all events.
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    Erasing events on map to reduce lag?

    I've tried using the scriptcall $[event_id].erase with a variable that runs in a loop to erase all 999 events on my test map, but even after they are all gone, the FPS counter is stuck at near-unusable levels. I was hoping erasing the events would actually tell the game to stop...
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    Sprites show up too small

    You can use this grid as a base, it's 32x32 and in the format VXAce has its character sprites. Just make sure to use a $ at the start of the filename.
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    My tiles are overlapping? *resolved*

    You only have one layer for categories B-E, that's why the window overwrites it. The wall texture has to be a file that's used on layer A. Alternatively make the window graphics events.
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    Galv's Timed Button Attacks

    Yeah, you have to put the script above the script called Main and only there. Delete the other one.
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    Galv's Timed Button Attacks

    Please show us your script list with the script itself, and any relevant database entries or events.

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