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  1. Need Pokemon Gold GBC Tilesets

    Working on a Pokemon game, But the VX Ace tileset system is so weird. I have no idea how to make Pokemon gold tilesets. Is there a tileset-maker or some Pokemon gold or crystal tilesets that anyone knows of? 
  2. Font Expertise needed

    I'm sorry for the confusion. Its Ace, but I jumped right from 2003 to Ace haha Also is there a easy way to edit my windowskin palette? I tried earlier, but I don't know what matches up with what. Is there like a template or diagram I could view? When I added that bit of code (to the top just...
  3. Font Expertise needed

    Hello I am fairly new to the VX version of software, and I am currently working on a Pokemon game. I Want this game to have:  -Black font -Black as default so its in the menus as well -No font borders  -a way to test and change the default font -A unique cursor for selecting. Not the box...

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