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  1. Terrax Lighting system

    How do you set the movement route? Did you use the movement route, that is accessible on the event page?
  2. Terrax Lighting system

    Could you improve the Fire feature? It is barely visible and the flickering seems pretty artificial.
  3. Terrax Lighting system

    It would be really helpful, if you would change the variable to 150 or higher.
  4. Terrax Lighting system

    I would suggest the same, though it is not the only way. I found the grey color #090909 to be most appealing.
  5. Terrax Lighting system

    I was facing the same problem and it is fixable in various ways, depending on what suits your situation best. So how exactly do you want the light to behave? I mean, theoretically, if you would just remove the darkness, you wouldn't see your light source anyways.
  6. Orange Time System

    YES! It works, thank you!
  7. Orange Time System

  8. Orange Time System

    So I have to use the Script button or what? It still doesn't work with that.
  9. Orange Time System

    Thank you! (Though if you wanted to create an event for each dayPeriod variable, it isn't implemented, yet.) There is another problem, though: (image missing, because I am apparently only allowed to upload .bmp images, which are invisible upon posting) When I run...
  10. Orange Time System

    OrangeTimeSystem.onTime(commonEventId, 10, 0, 0); If I use this plugin command, will it remain enabled once activated? Besides that I tried to activate it, but it somehow didn't work, I'll check it later more carefully, if I did something wrong maybe. It would be much easier for me though, if...
  11. Terrax Lighting system

    I had a problem with the plugin but due to the new version everything is excellent! Thank you for updating!
  12. Orange Time System

    Thanks for the fixes, the SuperOrangeMovement.js works marvelous now (at least I didn't encounter a new bug :D ), but there still somehow nothing changes about the time, when adding hours. Maybe I am just doing something wrong, because to be honest I am not sure, if I am literally supposed to...
  13. Orange Time System

    I tried this and none of it works. The hud still shows the same time, that was true before adding hours. The Day/Night cycle screen tint doesn't take effect either. Only the actual time is changed, since one NPC disappears after adding enough hours through plugin command, because he is only...
  14. Orange Time System

    Okay, thanks, I will put that in a readme.txt. There is something wrong with SuperOrangeMovement, though, because when I have it activated my character sometimes doesn't get as near to certain tiles, as they should. I encountered the weirdest bug in a map with the Dungeon tileset enabled, where...
  15. Orange Time System

    Okay, thanks I will test that. One more thing: is it possible to turn off Day/Night Cycle plugin for certain maps or through script calls? And: OrangeTimeSystem.runInDays(1, 6); OrangeTimeSystem.runInDays(2, 9); Can I also do that with other variables? Or use a certain date like 01.08.99?

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