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    RMMV Unable to permanently resize and change position of Window_Message

    Try using this Graphical Plugin, just move up the Windows_Message then press ctrl + s
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    RMMV Help, SomeFire SkillTree Adding name of Skill Type

    Hi there, I'm trying to add the name of Skill Type beside Skill name like on this picture Here for the Plugin I think it's on line 1144 but I don't know...
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    YR Plugins

    not working :hsad:
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    YR Plugins

    tried it, but still no change
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    YR Plugins

    Hi, @YoraeRasante is there a way to remove the word "undefined" in the description category? I already change it to ' ' or " " in plugin code, but it still said "undefined". Plugin: YR_ItemCrafting
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    Skill Trees System

    Hi @SomeFire, is there any script call or command to show skill tress for a specific actor that is not at the party? something like this script SceneManager.push(Scene_SkillTrees) but for a specific actor.
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    LadyLuck's MZ Battlebacks

    Wow, this is really beautiful! do you have a tutorial or playlist to make like that?
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    [MV] Request Tileset A5 tiny cliff without upper floor

    yeah without the grass
  9. SifDoge

    [MV] Request Tileset A5 tiny cliff without upper floor

    Pointed at the image
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    Turn MV game into Electron App

    Maybe try this and this method by MiraiNeko, that guy still active on SigmaSuccor discord
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    Skill Trees System

    Use plugin SRD_MenuBackground add Scene_SkillTrees on custom Scene
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    RMMV TSR_Popups by The Northern Frog

    I found a bug, when 'weak' and 'critical' hit occur at the same time, it only show critical pop up

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