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  1. Reference Error

    Thanks. I'll get to doing that hehe. If any other errors pop up I'll let you know.
  2. Reference Error

    Okay, so I found the script file. What do I need to do now?
  3. Reference Error

    Actually I think I found it? It's in the mv-data folder right?
  4. Reference Error

    Where would I be able to find the list of script calls?
  5. Reference Error

    I used the Shaz VX Ace to MV script that was for free. And the tool I've been using for upscaling is RTP Scaler by Ryan Bram. And the main weather plugin that was in this is MOG Weather EX.
  6. Type Error

    Okay. I ask for this thread to be closed.
  7. Type Error

    The conversion tool I'm using is an RTP Scaler by Ryan Bram. I don't know anything about a conversion script.
  8. Reference Error

    Here's what's in the event where the weather bit is.
  9. Reference Error

    Okay. I'll look them over again.
  10. Reference Error

    And I have looked back on them. So go ahead and repeat the questions if you may.
  11. Type Error

    Here's the files. Sorry for the double post. I also changed the weather back and it went to a reference error.
  12. Type Error

    Okay. I'll do that here. Though javascript is foreign to me so I'll need help with that,
  13. Type Error

    Well I'm using MOG Weather EX plugin for the weather. And all I did was change the first letter of a weather folder in the game. And then when I started up the game to playtest it, it gave me that error. I've never heard of this kind of error before. Was trying to fix a reference error that I've...
  14. Type Error

    What does this mean? "Type Error:Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined"
  15. Reference Error

    Well I'm not sure what to do. I looked around and found a script for weather, but that isn't much to go on.

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