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    What kind of individual thinks such catty behaviour is acceptable.
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    It was a lot of fun as a kid tho lol
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    Bananarang in pyjamas
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    Yes, I rather thought bananarang is what happens when you need to answer the bananaphone.
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    Did you watch the anime?
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    Except @ImaginaryVillain
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    The process is fun, but it’s not like most people who pick this up are full time.
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    The WIP for the chapter 1 world map... ..It's still a pretty early work in progress, but just in case you wanted to see them with some...
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    So, I now know the first person with covid and had contact with someone who had contact with that person. Hello self-isolation.
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    I don’t like Christmas. The colors are ugly.
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    Sigony updated their status.
    I like wonder. Wonder is wonderful.
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    As requested I might keep a daily update of my condition here, I'd rather not do social media and have every family member and childhood...
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    I like to keep my project on OneDrive, all changes are synced to the cloud.
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    Currently laid up in an emergency room with Covid......had it for about a week now and its really a butt kicker please stay safe all its...
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    A fly flew into my grandmother’s soda, so she couldn’t drink it!!! :((

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Just got FES pack for my MZ. The details of the tilesets and chars seem not very compatible with MZ rtp. Look like they are scaled up. Not saying it's bad, but just won't fit well.
I've been busy with other things lately but I'm getting back into working on stuff for my game next month. I think I'm going to fiddle with making NPC busts next, mixing and matching stuff from DLC I've purchased.
Just finished composing a boss battle theme!

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