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  1. Process each map tile

    I would like to create a script that examines each map tile and changes its graphic depending on what its current graphic is (Cycle through a set of tiles in the tileset).  Is there a way to grab map tiles and examine them like this?
  2. Quickstart / Overview of RGP XP Scripting

    I am an experienced developer that would like to get into some deep scripting in RPG Maker.  I am starting with XP so I will be working with Ruby script.  I am learning Ruby, and can get that knowledge elsewhere, but I am hoping someone could point be at a quick overview of how the scripting and...
  3. Have one tile act depending on what tile is next to it.

    I would like to create an effect where one tile can change another tile.  For example, all the tile start with a dirt tile, one tile has a nice short grass icon, then after 2000 frames it becomes a medium grass icon, and after another 2000 frames it becomes a long grass icon.  2000 frames later...

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