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    Castle of Benevolence

    Here's my evil version.
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    Castle of Benevolence

    I too vote for saving our members.
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    Castle of Benevolence

    @Avery That's beautiful. Actually way more than beautiful! And the map was wonderful, congrats to all that contributed. There was something I wanted to ask, is there anything specific we are making at the moment or can I make anything?
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    Team Good Armory

    Umm, hi guys! I just joined the fun. I managed to miss a lot of things and I have a vague idea about what's going on, so... I made a faceset to kick it off, I hope they are useful in some way. Also, a characterset. I was going for an angel, but I ended up with a fairy. (On the right I put the...
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    That cat… my exact reaction.

    That cat… my exact reaction.
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    Dialog Box gets bigger after fight.

    @Andar Oh my… You’re right. I hadn’t really looked at that script since I haven’t put it to use yet… I’ll make sure to be more careful from now on. Thank you! :D @bgillisp That worked too... I hadn't thought there would ever be a problem like that. There's a lot I have to learn about...
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    Dialog Box gets bigger after fight.

    Hello guys! I need help…  I hope this is the place to post this, I wasn’t sure. I think my problem is between a script, a timer and a variable. So what I was trying to do is create a ‘betting minigame’ in which the player has to gather more points (by defeating more monsters) than the NPC in a...
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    Discount offert a obligation or a gift?

    From my experience with my normal job, I’d say to never ever offer a discount to a single person only (unless said person is close to you and that with no one else knowing) I did just that and word got around and then everyone was asking for a discount with the argument of why can you do it for...
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    Making CGI cutscenes

    I have used –or tried to anyway- blender, it’s free and it has a lot of tutorials, runs good and I’d say it’s pretty user-friendly (at least for the modeling part) I did manage to make that yellow submarine and I became pretty good with vases xD… And just that took a lot more time and energy...
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    Game Tester Needed

    Hm, sounds interesting. ^_^ I haven't really tested anything before, but if you need one more opinion feel free to contact me.
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    I do art...sometimes

    These are all so amazing! Amazingly amazing I would say! :P Especially the first one from the last bunch… and Ralph! And everything else… What’s so wrong with the ‘rtp style’? It may be everywhere, but I think it’s quite nice… And like Susan said coping a style can be hard… so it would still...
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    I tried doing Custom Anime Faces...

    I don't really know how sai works, but it's better to start on a transparent layer than trying to erase it later. If you already with a white canvas try making a new layer and erase the background... talking photoshop here, but they can't be too different...? About the guy... try giving him a...
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    What inspires you to write your game's story

    Anything… from dreams to books, to anime, to real people… to thin air, spontaneous inspiration I feed until it grows… And them being my characters means they automatically carry something of me… intentionally or not… Worlds are way more random… half of the time it’s just a stray idea… sometimes...
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    Full Party in Cutscenes

    Having them appear from the player seems nicer... to me at least... like Milennin said, you know they are always there... I would fade to signify transition... like party walked into a room, council took a little longer... time passed.

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