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  1. Any resources on how to draw walls?

    Hello, i am having trouble on how to make wall tiles. I don't know how I am supposed to draw them to make them look good and what kind of format I need for RPG maker since walls are autotiles. I searched over the internet and couldn't find anything. Can anyone help?
  2. Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    So, i have a lot of free time lately and i decided it would be fun to start working on a project. I do have experience with RPG maker but i have never made a complete game, so i really didn't know where to start. I asked a few friends that are familiar with game design and they told me i should...
  3. RMMV IM.mortal (Puzzle/Platformer/Horror)

    Hey this sounds like an amazing idea!

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In one of my game projects, I am working on an arena where you can fight combatants or bet on monsters, and, man, it is taking so long, lmao. I do not think that it helps that I am using an evented combat system with a lot of things that I have to edit.

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