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    Is there an 8-bit / retro versions of all the songs or textures in RPGMaker?

    Sorry, I was just trying to help by showing older rpg maker sprites. Didn't think about the link cause I just did a google image search.
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    Is there an 8-bit / retro versions of all the songs or textures in RPGMaker?

    This post is now in memory of my ignorance.
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    Is there an 8-bit / retro versions of all the songs or textures in RPGMaker?

    Yeah my only other ideas would be if you could find the sprites and music to rpg maker 95 or the original softwares or something..
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    Is there an 8-bit / retro versions of all the songs or textures in RPGMaker?

    I mean I know it's easier said than done but if you wanna do the work yourself you can always edit everything in photoshop. There is multiple ways and tutorials to do so but I'd suggest making there only be a certain amount of colors in stead of like over 1000 change it to 8 or whatever. I...
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    Post Your Music

    Alrighty I know I posted earlier but the music I originally posted I had taken down cause I feel I had improved far beyond what my post was within a short period of time. I didn't want to delete my post though since I had originally left feedback for a few songs. So if you guys are into...
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    Post Your Music

    Super cool, I can definitely hear those Battletoads style riffs coming through! This song is awesome! I can feel it lol. Also here are the last two songs I did, just kind of experimenting with bass-lines a lot to make a good ol' rpg song. They are a little on the weird side I guess?
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    My budget PC (with progress report)

    Nice man! I've been working on upgrading myself. I have an okay pc but I wanna run my favorite new game (Rising Storm 2) with good settings and have a really good constant frame-rate. May I suggest if you want more hard-drive space that you might wanna just get a solid state drive since certain...
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    Old School Music Thread!

    I definitely agree with the abrasive start. I think if I maybe just totally changed the instruments to something with a softer sound or something. It was really my first time trying that sort of style and I just honestly fell in love with the basslines haha. So note taken, thank you! Also nah...
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    One Large Map vs. Multiple Smaller

    Could you try to just like make a huge one and fill it with just crap for now and test it? Then just delete it afterword?
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    Alennor's Character

    I really like your character figures, the proportions are pretty good! The clothing looks very well designed as well. As a critique I would just work on faces and gender differences. By the faces I just feel like they lack any expression. Think of the emotion in one word you want them to...
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    Old School Music Thread!

    So I kind of wanting a sharing, discussion, and critique of my old school influenced music. As I don't really see a lot of people here making music that reminds me of an RPG at all. I hope there's no offense taken by that but a lot of stuff on here really doesn't feel like video game music. No I...
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    Anybody here into making videos?

    Thank you! I have a Jackson Dinky with Floyd Rose pickups and I have a Marshall MG250HDFX. What about you? Ah dang sounds like I need to get a tablet.  Fruity Loops is mainly for like making the music and less recording I now feel like I'm trying to promote myself but I just don't...
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    Anybody here into making videos?

    Haha Thanks! that's my cat Mable! I may or may not be extremely obsessed with her.. Nice video though, what are you using? Is that like a tablet with some software? It looks extremely accessible I'm wondering if I can get my hands on it. I also love doing that sort of solo music stuff. I...
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    Anybody here into making videos?

    Hey I've been getting into just like filming myself being stupid and making my friends laugh with the videos. I've never really done anything too serious but I was just wondering if anyone else does the same. I would love to see some of you guy's work, at least if its original. I'm not exactly...
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    Pixel Art Critique

    Hey Bumping this thread. I made this today just looking for some feedback.

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