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  • Starting to take learning coding more seriously today. Wish me luck~
    Good luck! :)

    Start small. For example, for your first experiment, you could try making an item that lets you escape battles only if you are normally able to escape them. That's how I started, since I needed that for my game. :)
    Yes, starting small is good, but always try something relevant to your game. You're probably going to be more persistent in getting it done if it's for your own project.

    My first actual script was a cooking script. Now that I've got more experience with Ruby and I know what I'm doing, that script is abysmal. But it did help me learn, so it's still a success.
    Wyn Wizard
    Wyn Wizard
    if you need a small introduction, visit:

    This sit starts you out small, and then advances at your pace.

    Good Luck!
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Even though I'm not going for the first time in...ten years or something...ordered my Gen Con dice!
Will be focusing on map making today and adding locked chests :LZSsmile:Screenshot 2021-09-16 095316.png
It's hard to stay consistent for at least a week
new enemies for the game I'm working on...
Fricken hell! I dropped a bowl with mac and spam on my brothers floor, and was going to put leftover mac with whatever was still safe in there. It was only after I added the leftover mac that my brother told me he put floor noodles in there, now I wasted my planned dinner for tomorrow!

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