Feb 11, 2014
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The Chaotic One


When all else fails, make a game in your sleep. Jun 17, 2014

    1. SinのAria
      When all else fails, make a game in your sleep.
      1. Solo
        Jun 18, 2014
      2. Deleted
        That's how I roll!
        Jun 18, 2014
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    I am completely chaotic at times. A lot of things I do, people say can't be done or are impossible. I say that logic and possibilities have no value. If it is impossible, then make it possible. If it defies logic, who cares?

    So if you want to tell me that I can't turn eggs into crab meat, I say I've done it before.

    If you want to tell me that I can't heal a party of 8 players through what was considered one of the hardest fights in a game while sleeping... I say I've done it before.

    If you want to tell me that I can't play a MMORPG with my feet while eating and playing an action game and watching multiple anime and doing homework all at the same time... I say I've done it before.

    If you want to tell me that my odd abilities can't be used in games, I say I've done it before, sometimes completely defying the game's coding.

    If you want me to explain how? I cannot. It is not a matter of possible to explain or not possible to explain. It is that normal people can't comprehend my explanation. Could you explain to a blind person what the sun looks like? Perhaps to some extent, but try explaining the color of the sun to a blind person. Without the proper experiences, a proper explanation makes no sense.

    Am I human? Perhaps, perhaps not. It likely depends on how you define human.

    My life's logic or lack thereof:

    Me: "Ok, time to cook some eggs." Friend: "Cook? Why do you have a test tube in your hand?" *30 minutes later* Friend: "Oh wow, where did you get crab meat?" Me: "Eh? I thought I said I was cooking eggs!" Friend: "... If you hadn't said that, I would've thought I was eating crab... How did you even manage... No wait, I don't want to know."

    Me: "Sorry, I fell asleep. Eh? We failed? I'm sorry!" Party member: "Wait, you healed us through Garuda EX in your sleep?"

    Friend: "I swear to ***, you heal better when you are asleep."

    Party member: "I can't think of any other healer that could've healed us through that. And without a single death. If you ever need a party, let us know."

    Me: "But I'm busy with this boss, my hands are full. Oh screw it, slide the keyboard and mouse over here, I'll do the dungeon with my feet." *ten minutes later* Friend: "Did you seriously just manage that?" Me: "I play 4 or more games while doing homework while watching 2 or more anime all at the same time all the time, It is just hard to eat at the same time without making a mess."

    Almost anything. Enjoys streaming on twitch.




    I am known as a person that ignores logic. It has nothing to do with me being a logical person.