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  • Could you make some face pictures for the chars to make them more complete? maybe some busts, too? Not saying you have to do it. Just friendly asking if it's possible. Thanks for bringing the two attract chars to the RM community. :)
    Hello, my name is Ji Hang. Sorry for write to you abruptly. I saw your submissions to Original Character Contest 3. Both characters are very unique and I like them. However, neither of them has face pictures, so the usage of the two characters is a little limited.
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I am currently looking at a screen. Such a joyful occasion!
Whelp. I just burned my fingertips on playdough and gave myself blisters. Didn't realize that was possible but apparently that is a thing when making homemade playdough.
This semester I will teach and grade students at my university and the closer it comes the more nervous I become.
I don't know if having events (with comment) auto-erase themselves actually helps frame-rate.
How long does it take to get a classifieds thread approved?

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