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  • Could you make some face pictures for the chars to make them more complete? maybe some busts, too? Not saying you have to do it. Just friendly asking if it's possible. Thanks for bringing the two attract chars to the RM community. :)
    Hello, my name is Ji Hang. Sorry for write to you abruptly. I saw your submissions to Original Character Contest 3. Both characters are very unique and I like them. However, neither of them has face pictures, so the usage of the two characters is a little limited.
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Shaz wrote on ZestyTS's profile.
Hi, there is a Completed Games forum where you can post your game. Or a Commercial Games forum if it's paid. The status feed is not where these belong. Just make sure to read the pinned threads and include all the required information in your post.
I was initially looking for some old archer design i made a few years ago, but couldn't find it...
but here's a sketch from some parade / festival I stumbled upon that i totally forgot :D
Not sure how i'll go about it, but i definitely want to incorporate some of it in my game :)
So... what is sleep anyway? UGGGG
I haven't done much for composing over the last while, but I'm now back to work and I'm focusing on my music pack, Symphony Celestia: Prophecy of the Falling Stars, a music pack that describes an emotional story about a young heroine named Alisa and her journey to try and prevent a calamity.

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