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    RPG Maker MV Yanfly Iconset Armour Recolour Request

    As promised, I have completed the request. For others who are looking for the recoloured version of the card icon, the download link is as follows: The format remains the same. The first icon each recoloured row is the...
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    RPG Maker MV Yanfly Iconset Armour Recolour Request

    Hi Atoms (@atoms), thank you for updating me on the situation on my old thread. I relocated my resources, or at least most of it elsewhere. If I remember correctly, I should have stored it in this zip file in in dropbox. When I am...
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    Sin's Parallax Mapping Workshop [CLOSED FOR UNKNOWN PERIOD]

    Hello Guardinthena, Thank you for your expression of interest, but unfortunately, I have to temporarily suspend my services while I attempt to make my transition from university/part-time job into full-time employment. Every project, workshop, and pieces I am working on has to be put on hold...
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    Sin's Little bit of Everything

    @semolous As requested. Animated eggs that works for both RMMV and RMVXA Made from scratch, no restriction whatsoever on what/where you want to use it for 2 images. Include !$ in front of the filename. Check the "stepping" checkbox on the bottom left hand corner of the event page to...
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    [MV] Animated animal battlers

    @ramza Sorry about that. I remember you asking while I was away and I thought that I have responded saying that the chances of me doing so is pretty slim (I am rather forgetful sometimes). I have never been a fan of making animated battlers and cannot really commit myself to make another set...
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    Sin's Little bit of Everything

    Help yourself out :)  I am not fussy about that at all . . . Thanks, everyone :)  
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    Sin's Little bit of Everything

    @semolous if you want to use it for ace, you still could do so without modifications :)  Just need to add !$ before the file name. However if you want a smaller version of the egg, I am sure I can do that as well. @Noobk thank you :)
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    How do you make a character suddenly appear while on an event?

    I assume that for the first event's page 2, all you did was turn the Culprit switch on?  Perhaps it is just me, but I think you are making this way more complicated than it has to be with all these different events.
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    How do you make a character suddenly appear while on an event?

    Sorry, took awhile to translate from spanish + do my other work Based on those events, the player character moves forward (3 steps), followed by the conversation before moving forward again(2 steps). Then control switch A is turned on. The event starts after the map loads. Seems alright to me...
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    How do you make a character suddenly appear while on an event?

    Most likely you messed up with your switches somewhere. IMO it would be easier if we can see your event page.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    @Gabu The changes to part A of your forest resulted in a better looking map, however the changes to your part B seemed forced. Personally the first one for part B is better as it already has a decent amount of area to explore and still has that deep forest feel. Edit: @jamzkie143: You may...
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    Chronicles of Avalon

    The writer position is now closed. The remaining position open is a database manager (refer to the post above) -Thank you
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    What is your all-time favorite Pokemon?

    Always a big fan of the bulky monsters (mostly those that resembles dragons) -- Groudon, Salamance, Gyrados, Kyogre, Lugia. Not Dragonite though (I just can't take Dragonite seriously). Or just (somewhat) bulky in general (Kangaskhan and Typhlosion). But I would never fail to have a Charizard in...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    @waynee95 Aside from what @IAmJakeSauvage said (especially the issue with the mismatched trees), you may want to look up on how to shift click part of your water. The plunge pool at the bottom of a waterfall tend to be deeper or around the same depth as the deeper parts of the water. To...
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    Sin's Little bit of Everything

    Currently working on a Harry Potter map request and realized that I couldn't find any caged owl tile/animation, so I made some using @whtdragon's owls Credit: Kadokawa, whtdragon, Sinweaver (optional) Non-Commercial: Free. As long as it does not violate whtdragon's terms of use ...

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