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    Triple Triad Card Game

    Thanks for the quick fix! It's working just fine :D When you and ave finished working on the elemental feature are you going to post it here as well? I would be interested in it too! I also made a little random Card function (for like booster packs). But since I am not that good in javascript...
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    Triple Triad Card Game

    Hey Raizen, don't worry it's been a while but not too long. I am still working on my game and just put the card game to side for now. I made everything how I wanted except for this problem. I still couldn't fix it. So I will patiently wait for your response. Thank you in advance and please don't...
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    Triple Triad Card Game

    Aaaaand I ran into another problem. The card picking animation for a battle or in the album seems to be a bit janky. The x coordinate on the first arrival of said card is too low. But I just cannot figure out where to edit the code. Maybe you could help me? On the other hand the removal of a...
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    Triple Triad Card Game

    Hello my dears, I wanted to ask if there is a way to select the cards by using keyboard arrows and the spacebar (for example). It seems to do so in the demo video you just posted but in my game i can only Drag&Drop it with my mouse. Also, thank you for the amazing Plugin, Triple Triad is one of...

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