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    Temporary Disable OK button without plugin.

    Hey, I wonder if there is a way to use events or a simple "script call" to stop the player from pressing OK for 1-2 seconds. It's during a switch puzzle to stop the player from spamming the button and bugging the puzzle. P.S Using MZ.
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    RMMZ Remove (Hide) Mana/levels RPG Maker MZ

    I solved my own problem. If anyone else has the same problem, use this code in a .js file to hide mana in the menu. Window_StatusBase.prototype.placeBasicGauges = function(actor, x, y) { this.placeGauge(actor, "hp", x, y); if ($dataSystem.optDisplayTp) { this.placeGauge(actor...
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    RMMZ Remove (Hide) Mana/levels RPG Maker MZ

    Hey. I am working on an adventure/survival puzzle game, and I wonder if there's an easy way to remove mana and levels from the menu? I have been trying to use "scripts" made for MV and VX, but I can't get them to work in MZ.

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