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    The Resource WIP thread 2

    Bleh oh well will have to come up with another idea.
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    The Resource WIP thread 2

    Ok working on some face set but wondering if it is ok to model them off real life people or not? I know they need a little clean up and some touch ups but figured I would make sure this is ok to do.
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    Quick Question

    I tried this as well and it still did not apply state 12 when the character goes below 25% life. But I feel we are on the right track. 
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    Quick Question

    Been playing around with this and think I found what the variables should be but it still is not working. Below is what I have currently changed it too but it still does not work. I was also trying to put in Game_BattlerBase.prototype.hpRate and it did not seem to work either.    function()...
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    Skill and Status Alignment

    not sure how to do this with javascript but if you want rage to make the player immune to fire based attacks, then in the states settings set elemental rate fire to 0. You can also create special elements in the types, to make other type of skills blockable or buffable. One I like to have is an...
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    Quick Question

    opps yah i needed to change the prototype but still does not work with either this.hp_rate or this.hp / this.mhp . I tried both. Thats the one thing I cannot seem to find what they used for the parameters I want to find the percentage of. Even tried changing the 0.25 to 25 when using...
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    Quick Question

    Trying to work on my first plugin. What I am creating is an auto state that happens at 25% or less hps. If hps go below 25% the state fatigue will be applied and if hps are above 25% the state will be removed. I believe i am not using the correct variables in this.fhp = HP / MHP, I have tried...
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    Yeah the game was great, and I liked the art style it was simple yet detailed. Everything seemed to be working just fine. 
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    Game Jam - Forest Town of Friends, a red riding hood reimagination.

    I would have to agree with the others on here, the artwork is great. I was able to figure out the tree one it was the cave one that kept getting me lol. The minigames are fun and could see a game like this doing quite well.
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    Count me in too

    I noticed a few big bugs in the game with my play through test I missed the first time. I patched them which I was not sure would be ok. So I left on drop box the original and the patched version. I have a few events below the player that should have been same as player, wish there was a way to...
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    Count me in too

    Yeah I was hoping to play with the difficulty level a little more in the beginning, and add some JP from the start, and it does require some strategy to the play. Working on the nursing skills early will be a savoir.
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    Other competition? where would be a good place to look for others? I found this fun and after doing this one I have a better idea of what others will probably be doing and can plan accordingly lol. Looking forward to trying yours next when I get home right now at work I think my co-workers would...
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    Game Jam Entry: Leave

    I will have to try it out. Lol when I first saw it I thought maybe you had a crafting scene call to make that and I would have to find all of those pieces. 
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    Game Jam: The Mansion

    That sounds pretty cool to me. I liked it over all, and think you got a great start there.
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    Henchman Light Prologue - Learning Together Game Jam entry

    Yeah it seemed like a commercial for an up and coming or something. It was good I hope you take it further, I could see that being a great game. 

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