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    Advice you'd give to your past self about your first project

    The first thing I would say is: LEARN THE PROGRAM FIRST!  LEARN HOW TO DO EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU TRY ANYTHING LARGE!! It's a really good thing I didn't post it on this site. That game was a crime against humanity...
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    Lost Heaven anyone?

    I'll try scouring the web for it, maybe I can find it. *fingers crossed*
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    Character Creation Screen

    I'm sub-par when it comes to these kind of things. How do you use it?
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    Actor v Actor battling plugin?

    What I mean is this: I want to be able to have actors fighting actors. When you enter the battlefield, you'll see your party's battle sprites, and you'll see the other party's battle sprites on the other side of the field.
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    Actor v Actor battling plugin?

    I'm not sure which board this should go under, so that's why it's here. In the current project I'm working on (using RPGMMV), I need to be able to do a turf-war style battle between sets of actors. You'll only be able to control YOUR side. I have no experience with JavaScript, and I have...
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    Starting town names (suggestions)

    Ok, I think I have it to where I can explain it. The city itself is sort of like a merchant city, as well as the capital of the region, and on top of that, a stronghold that is a safe haven from monsters and/or creepy NPCs (there will be some backstory behind that in-game). It's got a myriad of...
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    Starting town names (suggestions)

    Usually, I would probably need to develop a tad more story plot in order to name the initial town based on culture, history, or something along those lines. However, this is a special case. One might suggest that there is no history behind the town. Originally, the main character starts out in...
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    Starting town names (suggestions)

    Hello RPGM community! I have started a new project that is loosely based on Sword Art Online combined with No Game No Life. It is a fantasy RPG and I need an idea for the initial town name. Any ideas will be taken into consideration.
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    Map event mechanics for MV

    Alright, you guys know the classic "I just beat a boss" scenario for Final Fantasy games right? The ones where just after you beat the boss or escape the tunnel, something happens on the map that makes it to where you can or cannot go through. I would like to know the best-looking way to do...
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    General concensus (opinions needed, please read)

    Thank you for your input. I will keep that in mind.
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    Your favorite "foreign" sweets and snacks?

    Guava is life. I honestly can't remember the last time I had it though...
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    Which songs do you listen to while working on your project?

    When I first started, I listened to a variety of music ranging from techno to heavy metal and punk rock (especially Green Day). But now I usually listen to techno, electro, and house when I am working on projects. any other time I listen to heavy metal or classic rock. The song I listened to...
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    Your favorite "foreign" sweets and snacks?

    I like hispanic drinks, especially horchata (a Mexican drink with milk, rice, vanilla, and cinnamon). 
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    Seeking fellow rpg maker novices interested in collaborating

    I would like to work on this project as well. But, I have one question: which program do you use? I am willing to use any, but I only have VX Ace, MV, and 2003.  I have more experience with VX Ace than I do in the others, but I still have good knowledge of MV and 2k3.  The main reason I would...
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    General concensus (opinions needed, please read)

    I've recently bought three RPGM programs (MV, VX Ace, and 2k3), and I've been wanting to make a game with any of them that can be published. However, I want to make a game that a decent amount of people will play. So I want to ask the RPG Maker community this question: what game style will more...

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