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  1. Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    hey, I was looking back in the changelogs for this plugin, and it says there is ladder compatibility, but when I use ladders in-game, they don't work properly. It just behaves like a normal tile.
  2. Sideways Stairs

    yeah, I've got this: I'll add it to the main post. in short, it allows for 8 direction pixel-based movement, but events still work on the original grid based system.
  3. Sideways Stairs

    So I'm trying to make stairs that go up from left to right and right to left, commonly referred to as "side stairs". I'm having troubles coming up with anything working on my own, and I can't find any tutorials for it, so I thought I'd ask here for help with this. I'd greatly prefer if the...
  4. Events based on the player's name

    well now I feel like my profile pic
  5. Events based on the player's name

    So I understand how to have the player name their character using the name input processing command. But what I want to do after that is then be able to have certain events/lines of code that only activate if the player's name is a specific string. So say the player named their character...
  6. Galv's Map Projectiles

    does anyone know why this isn't working? Galv.PROJ.dir(1,0,1,10,'batpro1',1,'c(3)|e',[],[],3,1); I've tried using it in both script and plugin command when the code reaches this point, nothing happens. It's almost like it's being skipped.
  7. MBS - Map Zoom

    I'm also having the same issues with this and Galv's message styles. Unfortunately you two seem unwilling to work together on this. I just wish SOMEBODY would find a fix for this!
  8. [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - AchievementSys v1.2 (UPDATE NEW!!)

    Here's my question: Where do I store the achievement icons? Assuming that I can make my own icons for the achievements, I don't know where the pictures actually need to be in order to be used by the plugin...
  9. Using YEP Battle System, battle sprites are messed up

    @bgillisp You were right, one of my plugins was out of order, and that completely blew the whole thing to pieces. It now works flawlessly, ty! Also, sorry for posting in the wrong place, this is my first time using this site, and navigating around is a little difficult for a newcomer...
  10. Using YEP Battle System, battle sprites are messed up

    So I'm using YEP Battle System for side-view battles, and everything works fine, except the battle sprites for the player characters are invisible and in a straight line at the bottom of the screen. For reference, the battle field is supposed to look like this:

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