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  • Been dealing with an annoying error with Chrono ABS Engine. Hopefully I can get it solved soon.
    Is it just me, or no method seems to work for me when I'm trying to learn RGSS3? The Manual doesn't work, Tutorials don't work, not even learning for other Scripts works. What do I have to do, after all? (Corrected the previous Status Update because I've already learned Ruby)
    There are many helpful people, especially Kocka and Sixth. =3
    Sky Usanin
    I think I need an actual RGSS3 Teacher, because I need a very specific explanation about EVERYTHING, otherwise I'll be like "okay, I know what the function does, bút what do I have to do now?"
    EVERYTHING is too much at once - find an objective and try to achieve that. Ask for help whenever you'll get stuck.

    When I was learning, I wanted to customize my menu - that's where my annoying questions were coming from. Kocka, Sixth and others were guiding my way and dealing with my noobness. ^^
    MV came out hours ago, not even a day yet, just hours, and RPG Makers are already working insanely on it.
    Lol within the next few weeks I'll be cramped in my room throughout the day working on my project xD
    Osu!. Dark Souls, My Project. These are the three things that happen when I'm at the computer.
    All aboard the Hype Train. The next stop is: MV Station. Stand clear of the closing doors, please.
    Adding mysteries and secrets to my project is so much fun.
    Jasutin Rai
    Jasutin Rai
    I know how you feel. I did that with my very first project.
    Atlas Rose
    Atlas Rose
    Snipits of lore and back story for NPCs is also fun :D
    Sky Usanin
    Yeah, I've added a lot of back story for most of the characters, specially the most terrifying antagonists.
    My project's Pre-Alpha is almost ready. I'm going to invite 3 Pre-Alpha Players from this forum, who will have access to the exclusive Alpha Demo. If you're interested, you can send me a PM and I'll give you more details aobut the project and Pre-Alpha Players.
    My profile has changed quite a bit, hmm... Sure, nothing involved with Lortrec Uprising, hehe...
    "Do you like Stories?..."
    Sky Usanin
    A new character for the game is coming. I'll give some image (character) previews for the game the next weeks.
    Well, Lortrec Uprising's project has officially begun! In a few weeks, it might get its own post.
    I still need approval for my posts, and probably this status update as well...
    There, you should be good to go now.

    BTW - introductions go in the Introductions forum, not General Lounge ;)
    Sky Usanin
    That wasn't my introduction, though...
    Sky Usanin
    It was really something I wanted to mention. I have already posted an introduction.
    Note: your posts and status updates will be hidden until a staff member approves it because you are new. The first two posts will be set to moderation, after that you are free to post anywhere without any moderation approval. Remember, posting in the introduction forums does NOT count as a post.
    Sky Usanin
    I see. Well, thank you for the information.
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"How dare you!" is probably the most overused reason to start conflict.
Another day of mostly mapping in Make a Game in RPG Maker MZ: Episode 7 starting now! We're making a mansion! Come watch live and join in on the chat!
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Been a while, guys. Despite being in college now, I'm working on Season's Promise as often as I can.

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