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  1. More Character Frames

    For some reason, when I clicked download to download the script. It detected as a virus. I am currently using Google Chrome. Should I just ignore it?
  2. Easter Egg(Secret Command) Plugin

    That's an interesting plugin. I shall add this to my Plugin list for future uses.
  3. PH - Warehouse/Storage

    Cannot set property 'lootBonus' of undefined. ^ (My apologises. It fixed itself some how after a few attempts).
  4. PH - Warehouse/Storage

    It says TypeError - Cannot read property 'items' of undefined.
  5. MBS - Mobile DirPad & Action Button

    Can you please add a run button?
  6. DMV Param Distribute (stat)

    Edit: They fixed it some how. So I don't need any other things to fix.  Since they fixed it. Thanks though. Great plugin as well :3
  7. DMV Param Distribute (stat)

    Oh thanks !
  8. DMV Param Distribute (stat)

    Yes unfortunately. Found the problem. JAH_StatusMenuCore made the plugin incompatibility and prevent it from refresh.
  9. Dash Stamina

    Oh okay. No worries and thanks.
  10. DMV Param Distribute (stat)

    I currently have an issue here. TypeError - Cannot read property 'refresh' of undefined. It happens after clicking any icon from distribution trying to increase stats.
  11. Dash Stamina

    At line 333      if (Silv.DashStamina.ShowWindow) { Silv.DashStamina.ShowWindow.visible = true; } This should be the fix if it gives an type error that says "Cannot set property 'Visible' of null." Originally its     if (Silv.DashStamina.ShowWindow) { Silv.DashStamina.Window.visible = false...
  12. Duplicated Armor and Weapons

    Thank you. I'll be updating it now. Resolved.
  13. Duplicated Armor and Weapons

    This hasn't been resolved yet and I might think this might be a bug. This bug only has happened when I chose Actor's Initial Equipment with the items. And suddenly it duplicated with more of them. Some of them were doubled and tripled. Even some of them aren't even supposed to be in the...
  14. Duplicated Armor and Weapons

    Nope. Freshly from RMMV. With Plugins
  15. Duplicated Armor and Weapons

    When I made four New Actors that are exactly the same but different classes, armor and weapons. Some how they duplicate. Some of them don't duplicate which are the armor that I've just created. I am not even sure. Checked in Equip. Some of them are flooded with the same armor and some of...

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