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  • I was having a bit of an issue working with my old I decided I would try a more top-down, zelda approach out. Remake the "key areas" as bigger maps. And then have hallway maps that lead and connect to them.
    Yeah, so don't do what I do when remaking a game - and forget what was good about the original. I feel like such a fool, could have saved so much time and heartbreak if I did this sooner. :/
    In my haste to see what I can do with coding, I realize that a lot can be done through events. And I probably shouldn't neglect making events and stuff the non-scripting way.
    I think I'm at the point, I really need to go back and play my old one map game. But I'm worried it's going to be cringey and embarrassing.
    Made a small script that renames generic magic names into more appropriate dog names. That way I wouldn't have to make two separate spells for enemies and players.
    The original Paper Mario is one of the most basic Rpgs ever made. But I always come back to it every couple of years because it's so flipping charming and fun.
    Sometimes simple can be a good thing. I think a fair amount of the time people overcomplicate things to the point where it actually diminishes the quality of the product. We had this in a game jam I participated in, where we would have won with the original concept we designed but our project leader added a bunch of mechanics to it that actually made it less fun.
    I decided to put the game stuff on hold. There's too much irl stuff going on, so I'll probably start development again after the holidays. Lmao that I thought I could have this done by July of this year...
    I'm finally loving making the battles again - got a much more streamlined system going. I just hope I can get this game done soon so I can move on!
    I'm sure it's probably best not looking into for development reasons, but I wonder how hard it is to make a custom font for the game?
    make a custom font and then you do some shenanigans in the software to get it to work :3 I've done it before it works with basically every font, and it's not too hard!
    I have also done it. Takes longer if you're using the font for the whole game, but if you're using it for like a logo or something, it took about half an hour.
    Not too hard just takes a bit of time =3
    Wish days were longer (or work weeks shorter) to have more time to work on art and game. Wonder if Ultimecia can help?
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    Man, I feel this. I've long pined for a change to 26-hour days.

    My brain simply does not shut off by what should be bedtime. Plus, many RM tasks require a large chunk of time to make the session productive, and I find it nearly impossible to find those chunks. So instead I hoard free assets and change skill names for the 10th time, haha.
    There's been a lot of stress things going on, and I'm worried it's been clouding the development stuff. But for the first time in a while I feel back on track, though I'm sure I've killed whatever good will I've had here. Hoping I can get something to show soon.
    As far as I'm concerned, the only way you're going to kill good will here is if you actively insult/deride people because of personal issues. So you know, chill.
    I've slowly been learning to appreciate smaller sprites. I feel kind of annoying posting every wip thing. I think things are starting to turn out better - but I might need to find to help to yell at me everytime I start going off course.
    Thinking about giving Effekseer another try since I'm on a more beefy pc now. But virus protection is having none of it.
    Right there with ya. I've been meaning to sit down and figure it out :p
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