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    Just come back to vx ace :D
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    That's a very tempting offer. I do really miss the way things were set up in Ace.
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    Been spending alot of time trying to get certain animations to play over others by setting their Z coordinate. Finally checked the help...

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My first Video Scene - Kraken Art By @whtdragon -

Still needs work but its a start.
Considering a side project of making a Choose Your Own Adventure in MV but letting people play it as YouTube videos with the choices at the end leading to other videos. Thoughts?
I've made a rudimentary prototype map for the first game with the MV RTP overworld tiling. I'm probably going to photoshop the crap out of it for parallax, but the prototype has given me new ideas about how I want to place dungeons in the game.
I got tired of not having an avatar image. Couldn't think of anything cool. So I'm just using my game's antagonist instead... How original. At least both of our names start with C?
Expectation: Design/dev a game for the game jam | Reality: "These codes suck, why did I do it this way? lemme fix this. Also what if I add feature xyz because... well, I can."

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