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  • I kept forgetting the text color numbers, and tried to make custom escape characters - but only after I realized it's just easier to write them in my main scripts description for easy use...I should probably start jotting down notes on common references and stuff.
    What if the Actor Battlers disappeared when your selecting enemies...
    Someday, I hope they make a game where 95% of the animation budget went to turning valves and opening door animations, leaving every other animation looking like a CDI zelda cutscene.
    oddly specific but yeah most games just "interact" and the things work on their own :kaoswt2:
    If I have understood correctly what you're referring to, it's something I'm doing in my project - wardrobe doors open, cupboard doors slide, spinning wheels spin, drawers open, that sort of thing. Warning: it's lots of work.
    @Kes Indeed, it is xD I try to do the same.
    Now that I'm working with events more, I've been making code to make them easier to call and toggle switches. Feels kind of nice working in tandem with the program.
    I was having a bit of an issue working with my old I decided I would try a more top-down, zelda approach out. Remake the "key areas" as bigger maps. And then have hallway maps that lead and connect to them.
    Yeah, so don't do what I do when remaking a game - and forget what was good about the original. I feel like such a fool, could have saved so much time and heartbreak if I did this sooner. :/
    In my haste to see what I can do with coding, I realize that a lot can be done through events. And I probably shouldn't neglect making events and stuff the non-scripting way.
    I think I'm at the point, I really need to go back and play my old one map game. But I'm worried it's going to be cringey and embarrassing.
    The original Paper Mario is one of the most basic Rpgs ever made. But I always come back to it every couple of years because it's so flipping charming and fun.
    Sometimes simple can be a good thing. I think a fair amount of the time people overcomplicate things to the point where it actually diminishes the quality of the product. We had this in a game jam I participated in, where we would have won with the original concept we designed but our project leader added a bunch of mechanics to it that actually made it less fun.
    I decided to put the game stuff on hold. There's too much irl stuff going on, so I'll probably start development again after the holidays. Lmao that I thought I could have this done by July of this year...
    I'm finally loving making the battles again - got a much more streamlined system going. I just hope I can get this game done soon so I can move on!
    I'm sure it's probably best not looking into for development reasons, but I wonder how hard it is to make a custom font for the game?
    make a custom font and then you do some shenanigans in the software to get it to work :3 I've done it before it works with basically every font, and it's not too hard!
    I have also done it. Takes longer if you're using the font for the whole game, but if you're using it for like a logo or something, it took about half an hour.
    Not too hard just takes a bit of time =3
    Wish days were longer (or work weeks shorter) to have more time to work on art and game. Wonder if Ultimecia can help?
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    Man, I feel this. I've long pined for a change to 26-hour days.

    My brain simply does not shut off by what should be bedtime. Plus, many RM tasks require a large chunk of time to make the session productive, and I find it nearly impossible to find those chunks. So instead I hoard free assets and change skill names for the 10th time, haha.
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Well, for anyone who cares, Simone has been eating her prescription food for a few weeks and I’m cautiously optimistic it’s helping her quite a bit. She still hasn’t put on any weight but she’s not getting sick every day (has even gone a week between sick days).

Steam acount got hacked and fully taken over now i gotta save up for rpg maker mv again.... :kaoangry:
Anyway heres a screenshot i made before it happend! hope yall like grrrr
When you're watching a stream with four adult, apparently native English speakers. One has never heard the word "wheedle" and the other three can't readily define it for him. :rolleyes:
Anyone want to do a skill trade with me?
Teach me illustration/drawing/pixel art then I'll teach Javascript/Plugin Development to you :hhappy:
I found drawing is very hard lol.
September is shaping up to be one of the least and most anxiety-inducing months of my life so far. Crazy how much can happen within a single month :rtear:

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