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    Applying a state to the user only once on skills that hit multiple times?

    I tried it out with <Custom Execution> and it immediately worked ^^" I can't believe I forgot to check that one, I tried out nearly all of the other tags in Yanfly's system haha. Thank you to everyone who answered, and to eomereolsson and ATT_Turan for reminding me about <custom execution> and...
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    Applying a state to the user only once on skills that hit multiple times?

    Hi, I'm having a little bit of trouble with making a skill that's designed to hit random enemies, and then apply a stacking state to the user. So far, I've been using Yanfly's Skill Core and Buffs & State Core, as well as Nekoyoubi's State Resources plugin to make this happen. To give a little...
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    Hello ^^

    Thank you for the warm welcome, and for the wonderful resources! I didn't know about the built-in tutorials, so that definitely helps a lot ^^ I'll keep doing my best! Just as soon as I escape that assets rabbit hole, that is... ;v;
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    MV versions of VexedEnigma's VX Ace Thief sprites

    Hello! Kind of what the title says, I recently decided to port one of my projects from VX Ace to MV, but hit a snag when I realized one of my favorite sprite sets - VexedEnigma's Thief sprites from the VX Ace Community Pack DLC - wasn't going to transfer over well without some extra work...
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    Hello ^^

    Nice to (officially) meet you! I've been lurking around the forums for quite a number of years now, but never made an account. I first got VX Ace around ten years ago as a gift, and I've only gotten more and more into game design as time wore on. I made a couple fan games when I was younger...

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