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    Error message by Visual Equipment script

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    Looking for specific battlers of the VX Actors

    If it is Naramura, this wayback machine link should work: But as far as I can see there are no VX actors included in any of their materials.
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    Steam Summer Sale + 3 New Resource Packs!

    That Fantasy Tileset is so pretty :wub
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    I own all makers, not to make games with them, but to be able to use their default resources as...

    I own all makers, not to make games with them, but to be able to use their default resources as well as any edits to those resources that have been shared freely through the years.
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    Event Magnificent Mapping Match - Winners!

    Congrats! All great maps :D
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    SF Other 3 Battler

    Resource Requests
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    Steampunk battleback?

    Resource Requests
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    attacks and skills aren’t doing damage

    I'm glad your issue is fixed, but we do not provide support for the console versions, as this forum is owned by the publisher of the PC versions. 1
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    [RMMV] Guardian lions

    I'm not at home, so I can't confirm right now, but the Trinity DLC has Chinese tilesets, so probably also guardians lions.
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    DUST Parallax BG Offset Plugin

    The link to the plugin doesn't work.
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    Spare system

    XP does not have "plugins", but "scripts". How exactly do you want this 'Spare' function to work? Like in Undertale or something completely different?
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    You should let the dev know about this error. I don't really think there's more you can do.
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    RPG Maker MZ for principiants

    Hi! If you run into an issue with MZ, just make a new thread. :) No need to make one already or to post all issues in the same thread (especially if they're unrelated).

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