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    Looking for Hair styles for a male child

    There's paid DLC (which was the reason they included a kid tab in the generator to begin with). Other than that I suggest you check out Hiddenone and whtdragon's Restaff collabs.
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    Why I can't deploye my game?

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    Looking for Hair styles for a male child

    Here you go.
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    Command Ordering

    I'd definitely remove Passives in battle. I also prefer to have Skills/Spells above Guard/Defend, as Guard/Defend is less useful. I'm also not sure why you can't have Skills & Spells in the same command mixed in. The Disgaea games do that without any problems.
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    State that persists after KO

    FourthDimension Please make a new thread.
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    Yanfly's Victory Aftermath Actor Name Removal

    @Psykan Please start a new thread.
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    Unknown shadow/circle above enemy's head?

    It's because of your sprites. Open the image in an editing program that has grids (GIMP is free if you don't have any), set the grid to 48 and you'll notice how it cuts off the bottom row of your sprites each time. If you move the image up one pixel, the problem should be gone.
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    plugin or easy way for armor customization?

    Plugin Requests
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    slow hp bar animation

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    It's so weird. You've been a mod as long as I can remember. Thank you for all the hard work over...

    It's so weird. You've been a mod as long as I can remember. Thank you for all the hard work over the years :)
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    Party class and NPC voice packs for sale

    The General Resource section is for sharing free resources only. Mlogan explained what to do if you want to sell your packs on this site. I'll leave the thread open in case you have free resources.
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    random game over music plugin?

    Script Requests

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