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    Tactics System

    Thread closed at OP's request.
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    60 fps default animations

    MV Resources is where you share your own resources, not request them. Resource Requests
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    Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs

    Thanks EAD, sorry for the late reply. I appreciate you wanting to help, but I prefer to do the translating myself. I'd love to get feedback/help on how to organize this thread though. ^^ 1. It's under Mack in the first post, but I didn't translate it, as Mack had their terms in English posted...
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    RMMV Was this written to be compelling?

    You're asking for feedback on your summary. General Discussion where you initially posted this is not for project-specific feedback. If you wanted a more global discussion on how to write summaries or what's attractive etc. General Discussion would have been fine, but since your first post...
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    RMMV Was this written to be compelling?

    Game Ideas & Prototypes
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    Help setting up my new desktop

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    NPCs movement

    I've moved your post to its own thread.
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    XP Sprite/Tilesets Pirate theme

    I've got some pirates in my thread (under RTP edits).
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    Rules Resource Pack Licensing and Use

    @fishley There's no way to purchase a license for the RTP to use in another engine. I guess you could contact Support, but I doubt they'll have a different answer.
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    Free trial expired after 2 days.

    I don't know about a fix, but you don't need to have rpg maker installed to play games made with it. Usually you just need to download the correct RTP, which you can do here.

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