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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    I've been continuing to chip away at my project adding assets like crazy. How does this battleback look with the sprites? I'm debating with myself whether I need to scale everything on the battleback down...
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    (YANFLY)Action Sequence 2 - Face target not working with custom sprite

    @SnowyRain When I use this exact action sequence as copied it is properly turning my sprite backwards. I am using custom sprites as well. Can you provide a screenshot of your skill note box?
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    Syntax to check if a state is applied [Yanfly Skill Core]

    @waynee95 thank you so much! I am slowly but surely learning my way around enough javascript to be really dangerous. I appreciate your help!
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    best formula: more money = more problems ~Notorious B.I.G.

    best formula: more money = more problems ~Notorious B.I.G.
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    Syntax to check if a state is applied [Yanfly Skill Core]

    Ok I'm using Yanfly's Skill core and my goal is to have a skill requirement met when a skill is applied to the user. This is some default code for a conditional that is provided by Yanfly in the help menu. <Custom Requirement> if ($ > 1000) { value = true; } else { value =...
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    Hide HP/MP Gauge but not their values

    @UgyBoogie Ahh I see now, sort of. So it's still not 100% clear what you are looking for. Are you looking to hide the gauge but display the numbers? If you just want the gauges hidden, but to display the number, a quirky workaround is to adjust one of your colors in your Window image in the...
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    Hide HP/MP Gauge but not their values

    @UgyBoogie to answer this we would need to know which window / scene you are trying to hide these on. For example, if you are simply trying to hide them in the status menu, you could use Some Random Dude's "menu status customizer" (among many other plugins out there that give you similar...
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    Does anyone have a list of the script calls for variable?

    @zarroc407 Archeia has put these all together for us some time ago! Here's a link to the thread: Here's a link to the list:
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    Character shop?

    @Lyseth yes, everything can be changed however you want it. It is based on common events so you can make it say and look however you want it to. All of these details are in the link I provided!
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    Character shop?

    @Lyseth I've done exactly this thing in the past using Yanfly's Common Events menu. It took a lot of work to setup, as i was not calling up a "status" window for the character's stats, but rather making them into images that I was using with the plugin. Just to give you a sense of what can be...
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    Event displayed over Overlay?

    @Alalia awesome! I'm glad you got something to work!
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    Games with strong language and mature themes?

    The rules are in stickied in each respective project forum (where people post their games). These are the Early Project Feedback forum, the Project Development Forum, and the Completed Games forum. I think specifically what you are looking for is this snippet from one of those stickied...
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    Event displayed over Overlay?

    So if I recall correctly your map overlay will have a "ground" and "par" level. So it sounds like you want a layer that the player will be behind but an event will be in front of. No events will ever appear above the "par" level, it's just not intended to do that. However, I believe you can...
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    Would you play a visual novel without graphics?

    I think there's potential, but if it was solely text then the question beckons: why are you making a game/VN? If it is just text, shouldn't that be a book? [rhetorical question] I do however think there is a ton of potential for a minimalist game with really basic 2D resources. As with all...
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    Is it possible to change the length of the gauges in the battle status window?

    @Kisai I don't know if this will give you exactly what you are looking for, but SumRndmDde has a plugin that lets you customize everything in the battle status window. It breaks each actor into its own window so I'm not sure if that's OK for your game, but you can completely adjust guages, font...

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