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    Fantasy world building: Aesthetic vs Scientific

    I definatley fit into this category. One another is not to care about the detail. They put something on their world because it's cool, and has an aesthetic to support the world/story tone. How magic works and why it works that way they don't care (or at least they never explain). They put...
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    Newtrality's Newbie Works

    Nice Work.
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    Good Morning.

    I've been browsing the forums for a while and neglected to inroduce myself. Hello. I use RPG Maker VX Ace and enjoy making sprites. I'm working on a fantasy game. I'm still trying to get to grips with battle symphony for my battle engine but i'm getting to grips with it slowly, yet to devise a...
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    Sprites and Faces

    I have a few fantasy-esque sprites you could use... :mrsatan:
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    FREE [RPG Maker VX Ace] Partnership Game Development

    I'd be happy to help, i've never actually got roud to making a full game.
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    Various Sprites I made...

    Thanks very much, I'm trying to find an easy to use sideview battle system to use them in. Any ideas?
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    Various Sprites I made...

    Hello my people of the internet I'd like to share some sprites I made for RPG Maker. Credit: Slothful, Kadokawa Non-Commercial: Free, but I want a copy of your game! Commercial: Contact me. Repost: Sure. Edits: Allowed but credit moi. Repost of Edits: Allowed but credit moi. Maker...

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>Testing with fonts change.
>Tries installing a plugin. Doesn't work.
>Tries changing the plugin commands. Doesn't work.
>Tries installing another plugin. Doesn't work.
>Changes a few more plugin commands. Doesn't work.
>Goes directly to the gamefont file and changes the src. Works.


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What Reviews say on RPG Maker MZ?
Looking back at some sketches, and game design documents on my PC dated summer of 2015. I started development with the release of MZ, but in 2015, I felt a strong desire to make a game out of the blue. I remember feeling sad for no apparent reason, and all these ideas rushed into my head. Now that I think about it, since that day, everything has become easier to do on my PC . . . it’s very creepy.

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