sloths are ok
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  • does anyone know where I could theoretically post a game i made full of copyrighted content so that I can get feedback on it

    edit: not looking to make any money or anything. just want criticism
    ^ Also this.

    You won't be able to share a game with copyrighted content, commercial or not.
    So you might aswell replace the copyrighted stuff with RTP or free resources.

    There are a lot of great assets to be found that can be freely used even for commercial games as long as credit is given.
    Windows i7
    Windows i7
    This is literally like asking "where is the best place to break the law?". The answer to that is nowhere.
    sloths are ok
    sloths are ok
    can't find the time to reply to all of you, but it's all kinda the same point anyway.
    yeah, you're all right. it's a ****-posty kinda game so the stuff is tied into it. it was made for friends, but they were all too busy to even try it out, so i figured id try to get some value out of the 1,500 hours. oh, well. another one to revisit in a few years for memory lane.
    Anyone have advice for recruiting friends to bugtest with you? I had some buddies volunteer without me asking, and we agreed on dates and times... and they all just flaked...
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I'm hoping to get a call October 1. They should be fully open by then.

With this, all demo dungeon graphics are done.
Eventually I need to make animations...send help.
OcRam demo project is now available at !!!
mzBaseBody.png added!

--- Mushroom ---

F.Knight: We runs out the food!
Hero: Anything could eat in this place?
F.Archer: It's a bunch of Mushroom over there. I wonder it's safe to eat.
F.Knight: No worries,we have to fill our inside no matter what it is.
(Hero & F.Knight Eat The Mushroom,After 10 Seconds They Collapse With Foam)

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