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  1. RPG Maker MV Parallax/Image Overlay Issue

    Ah makes sense. Thank you for the help/advice. This has been solved.
  2. RPG Maker MV Parallax/Image Overlay Issue

    So I added 4 to the height of the map and put black on the bottom to hide the repeat. Seems to be a fix without doing the whole thing over. Any idea why this happened. I created the size map I wanted and entered it, used orangemapshot to printscreen it and exported to photoshop (do it the same...
  3. RPG Maker MV Parallax/Image Overlay Issue

    Hello, I have been working on my game for several months and never run into an issue with using parallax; however, this morning I created a map the same way I have created every other one and now am getting a double image. I use orangemapshot to screenshot the map, export it to photoshop, add...
  4. RMMV Player Level Not Being Recognized Issue

    Perfect! For some reason I didn't notice the change actor image was selecting a different actor. Once I switched it to start (name of the actor that is changed by player choices) everything appeared. Below I posted screenshots of exactly how it is set up in case someone else runs into this...
  5. RMMV Player Level Not Being Recognized Issue

    Ok thank you for the suggestion. I will switch it right and let you know if it fixes the problem! **Edit** So I have been able to get it to go through the intro by switching the classes of a single actor; however, how do I get the player image to change? For example, if the player chooses...
  6. Yanfly Keyboard Config Question

    Hello, I have a question regarding the yanfly keyboard config. Is there a way to enable and bind the backspace button to delete text in the character name generation screen? Currently, it does not let you bind anything to it. It is very counter-intuitive to have to use insert to backspace.
  7. RMMV Player Level Not Being Recognized Issue

    Hello, I am having an issue with the game not recognizing a player level. In the beginning of the game, you are able to select from a large number of actor choices. For some reason, when the male or female warrior is selected the game ignores the starting level and allows him to bypass any...
  8. Day Night Cycle, Am I doing it right?

     How do you increase the time in this so the time periods for each variable last longer?
  9. RMMV Plugin TypeError

    Hello, I recently wanted to add in hp bars to my game. I downloaded and installed YEP_BattleEngineCore and Yep_X_VisualHPGauge. I am now getting a TypeError undefined is not a function. I have narrowed down the error to a problem with the BattleEngineCore - If I make a new game and only...
  10. RMMV Switch Question

    That was it! There was an identical wall picture mapped on top of it for some reason. Now everything works. This can be marked as solved. Thank you for the help.
  11. RMMV Switch Question

    Thank you for the advice.  I added a self switch B and gave him a statement to say so the event will not repeat. I removed the switch on from the barricade first page and left the checkbox on the second page; however, it still does not cause the walls to disappear. I am not sure what the...
  12. RMMV Switch Question

    I wanted to have the wall switch to turn on and disappear after talking to the NPC. Some of the examples I have been reading show a hidden passage with a barrel on top and when you click the switch/talk to a specific NPC it makes the barrel disappear. I am essentially trying to do the same thing...
  13. RMMV Switch Question

    Ok I can try that for the position issue. Is there a plug-in you recommend or have experience with for event positions?
  14. RMMV Switch Question

    Hello, I have a question regarding an error I am getting when I go through the event I created. After much reading on how to make switches and variables, I finally was able to get the event to work; however, I decided to add on additional part (having walls that blocked off an area disappear)...
  15. RMMV Switch/Variable Question

    Thank you for the advice. I didn't realize that was an option. I got RPG Maker MV about a week ago so I have been watching hours and hours of tutorial videos. I guess I never saw anyone doing it that way. I guess I could mess around with setting it up your suggested way. Then if I make a...

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