Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Aug 11, 2018


    For being a sweet person and giving feedback to ReStaff!

  2. Awarded: Dec 5, 2018

    A Taste of Summer

    For participating in the Summer Mapping Contest.

  3. Awarded: Dec 5, 2018

    My Valentine

    Participated in the Love Mapping Event.

  4. Awarded: Apr 27, 2018

    World Builder

    Participated in One Map Game Challenge!

  5. Awarded: Dec 5, 2018

    Halloween Cosplay Event

    For creators who participated in the Halloween Cosplay Event.

  6. Awarded: Sep 3, 2018

    OCC: Jaiin

    One of the chosen winners for Original Character Contest!

  7. Awarded: May 21, 2018

    Original Character Creator

    For creators who participated in the Original Character Contest.
    Reason: Thank you for participating in the event!