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    Hi guys, I do not know if the section is the right one but I hope and believe so, I post here some of my projects in development I would like to complete them in the best possible way and at the same time start new projects, they are very immature, I am still learning and one day I would like to...

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Brace yourself. We are approaching that time of the year again.
I once said, "I definitely want to be done with this project before my 40th birthday." At the time, I was about 50% done with the project.

With under 365 days to go now, I'm about ... 30% done.

What a sweet, innocent fool I was.
can anyone tell me how to edit my pfp it isn't obvious and I'm new here
Damn, took a chance on a paid MV plugin working with MZ (FOSSIL) but didn't work :p Been lucky up until now so I got cocky!
Going to be streaming more RM game dev in about 20 minutes or so...

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