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    RMMV Need help with Moghunter Fast Travel plugin

    It's been a long time since I originally set this up and I am trying to change the town names in the fast travel scene in game. I changed the names in the .js file (shown below) but there not changing in game, I tried refreshing the moghunter fast travel .js in the plugin menu in MV but still...
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    Need help finding product key for MV

    I purchased a new PC and need to find my product key for RPG Maker MV. I purchased it through the RPG Maker site, not Steam. I always have trouble figuring out where to find my previously purchased content. You would think it could be found under account settings somewhere but apparently not...
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    RMMV How to set zoom on maps?

    That's actually pretty cool, I would have figured something like that would have been possible without a plugin though. Just a quick question, I just watched the video for the Camera Core from SRD and he gives a duration variable when setting zoom... is it possible to have no duration without...
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    RMMV How to set zoom on maps?

    Is there a script call or plugin command that can set zoom on maps? I would like the camera to be closer to the player on world maps.
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    It's ok to use MZ assets in MV projects?

    It's alright to use MZ assets in a commercial MV project as long as you purchase RPG Maker MZ, right?
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    Issues with Galv Layer Grpahics

    I had an issue a while back where the layers were just a couple of pixels off, in my project it was caused by another plugin. I forgot which one. I'm no real expert on anything but if you have time try disabling all of your plugins except for Galvs Layer Graphics and see if its still happening.
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    Help with aligning enemies on the battle screen

    Olivia's Octopack Battler system aligns battlers for a larger screen resolution. But it changes the battle HUD, you may not want that.
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    Hey man, I saw you mention that you do MV javascript work? Just wanted to confirm it before I...

    Hey man, I saw you mention that you do MV javascript work? Just wanted to confirm it before I put you on speed dial. =)
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    Best Screen Resolution

    Does higher resolution in RPG Maker games require more processing power? Because a lot of MV games push the limit on most PC's as it is, with just 720p. I mean, there isn't really a point as long as they are 16:9. It's not like your going to add hi-res texture packs.
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    RMMV Can you change screen tint in battle with Terrax Lighting?

    I've been using Terrax Lighting for sometime and I noticed some other lighting plugins let you change tint in the battle scene, is that possible with Terrax?
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    RMMV Is there anyway a background below another background?

    The demo shows you how to do the water effect too.
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    RMMV Is there anyway a background below another background?

    Use Galv's Layer plugin thingy.
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    RMMV Need advice on enemy spawning mechanic

    It's not necessarily plugin support, I am just trying to get an example of how I might set up an enemy spawn system.
  14. Snarkyfork

    RMMV Need advice on enemy spawning mechanic

    What I am trying to do is create an event that spawns an enemy that gives chase when the player is close enough. Basically, the monster is invisible until the player gets close enough then when the monster detects the player (Yanfly Event Chase plugin) it turns visible and gives chase. If the...

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