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    Hello from Spain!

    Its "Legend of Heroen" you can find the trailer on my Youtube channel, and other videoswith RPGmaker, and no, i think i'm not leaving RPgmaker2003, why? because the new RPGmakers has less comands than RPGmaker2003, so all i can do in RPGmaker2003, i cannot pass them to XP, VX, VX ACE, MV and...
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    Hello from Spain!

    Thanks!! Hope i can finish my game both in spanish and English version, so u can enjoy it with allthe new features of RPG maker 2003 :)
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    Hello from Spain!

    Hello! I'm Soeufans, Spanish maker, i'm using RPGmaker since 20 years ago, and a lot of things happened in this great community. I use RPG maker 2000 and 2003, and my full game is now in RPG maker 2000 and redoing it to RM2k3 with the new updates, and will have CMS and CBS and some other cool...

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