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  1. Image Map and Hotspot

    I mean, when you use the command "show image map" you can set some hotspots. How can I disable these hotspots while you've already pressed one of them?
  2. Scene transition

    It finishes. I think that the change transition command is quite bugged because it doesn't change the transition actually...
  3. Scene transition

    I got this problem also in the game. As you can see i tried the star translation, but it merged with the default one...
  4. Scene transition

    I’ve tried everything, but this translation seems immortal...
  5. Scene transition

    I've used one of the tutorial project where there is the custom menu and a sample scene. The photo shows the moment of the transition, and this kind of transition return every time I use "change scene" even If I use "change transition" before that. How can I remove this default transition?
  6. Scene transition

    When I use the command "Change Scene" there is the default transition, and when I use the command "Change Transition" before that, there is the new transition + the default transition. How can I not to show the default transition in the process?
  7. Image Map and Hotspot

    I've this hotspot, when you click it some messages will appear, but you can still click it when the messages are going, and then it will make the messages restart again. I've tried "remove hotspot" but it didn't work.
  8. Image Map and Hotspot

    I'm quite noob with the software. I've made this image map where a picture of a girl is an hotspot and you have to click on her to talk with her. The problem is: when she's talking you can still click on her and the dialogues sequence will restart again. I've tried the command "remove hotspot"...

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