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    somenick replied to the thread Teragard - An open-world JRPG.
    Maybe precisely due to low sales you may want to place the game in another site as well, to increase the odds that someone may buy it...
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    somenick reacted to dragon1up's post in the thread RMMV The Contractor with Like Like.
    Honestly I appreciate the feedback and overall criticism. I do agree with the spelling in terms of it not being perfect, in terms of the...
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    somenick replied to the thread RMMV The Contractor.
    The casino area looks kind of interesting. The Inn, however... Like it was said, rugs are set in a weird way. But most notably, the...
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    Right now it is a solo game with some multiplayer elements. For example, as you play your score goes up. It then appears in the...
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    somenick commented on The Stranger's profile post.
    My upcoming online game will include some real piracy stuff, up to sneaking into some treasure room and or bank and looting it, if I can...
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    somenick replied to the thread RMMV Ludus Sophiae.
    In the past I played one or other RPG Maker game (dont remember them really). I rarely have time to play. But if I do, I'll probably...
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    This plug in looks awesome! The sort of thing I need to check out if/when I get some extra time :)
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    Galactic 123 Online is a free web browser RPG that I have been creating. It plays in the web browser at All...
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    somenick replied to the thread A discussion about World Maps.
    Yeah, I have been debating about whether to use world maps or not myself, and I kinda decided that, if the game will have some sort of...
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    somenick replied to the thread ADHD and Game Dev.
    Try making a prototype. A game that is between 3 to 5 maps long. One map for the introduction of the game, one map for the middle of...

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