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    A free windowskin

    These are both great, Gui. I've always preferred windowskins that aren't needlessly ornate, and these look classy without going overboard. Nice job, and thanks for sharing them!  :)
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    Theo - Pathfinding and Event Chase Player

    I hadn't tried <chase player> yet, sorry. The wording in the instructions seemed to imply it would force the player to chase after the event instead. I have tried that now, and while it didn't lock up, what did happen was that whenever the event had to redo the path, (Such as when I ran through...
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    Theo - Pathfinding and Event Chase Player

    OK! So I tested it out in my hedge maze, and the event was able to find a path almost perfectly most of the time. However, in a couple of instances, despite using Ctrl to walk through a wall before it reached me, the event seemed to first go to my previous position before adjusting and finding...
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    CC - Visual-Novel like Image Controller

    An amazing script becomes even better. Thanks again CC!
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    Pixel Ponytail

    Try this generator out: There's at least one ponytail style there, and with some frankenspriting, you can easily fine-tune its look.
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    Oh God, that worked perfectly Fenix! And the scene-specific functionality will also allow the creation of some interesting mini games too! You're a scholar and a gentleman. Thanks a million!  :)
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    The Input.set_keystate(VKeys::UP, Input::KEY_NONE) didn't work in keeping the character from facing up. Here's a demo showcasing both the methods I tried:
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    Hey Fenix. I've been using this script for a while now, and finally decided to replace the input script I was running before with yours. Now, I'm sure that I'm doing something incredibly stupid, but just in case I'm not, I've run into a weird little issue and I'm wondering if it's something...
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    Help with wall tilsets

    Yes, you would have to fix the tilesets by hand in your image editing software of choice. It shouldn't be that difficult if you're creating rooms floating in blank space like your example. If on the other hand you want them to properly connect to each other, it might take some creativity to get...
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    RGSS3 Plane

    Sure Fenix! That project only has ACE Core, your Plane Fix and Woratana's Multiple Fogs running. At least on my end, the switch will generate both fog layers without a hitch, but when you flip the switch again to delete them...
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    Quasi Movement

    I didn't notice too much lag loading the map. At least nothing higher than my usual 1-2 second(s) load, no.
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    Quasi Movement

    I'm very much an outlier, as I have a pretty big map with around 200 events spread over, so take this with a grain of salt. The script completely tanks my performance. This includes running into a solid wall without any diagonal movement. Setting it to 32 pixel movement eliminated that problem...
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    RGSS3 Plane

    Well, I kind of fixed it. If anyone else is having the same problem, go to Woratana's Multiple Fogs entry in your Script Editor, and on line 188...      $game_map.mulfog_name[id] = '' ...replace it (Or better yet, comment it out by adding a # in front of it, then add a new line underneath.)...
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    Horse Riding

    Ian, because the game engine can't tell on its own that your character is mounted, (As you're basically just changing their movement speed and their sprite.) I added a tiny script to prevent you from dashing while mounted, since you're already moving at a higher speed, and if you then dash you...
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    RGSS3 Plane

    Hi Fenix. First of all, thanks for putting in the time to create this fix. I'm so glad I can finally go beyond 640x480.  :D Anyway, I have both the hacked .DLL and the Plane Fix script set up in my project, and they both work like a dream, except it seems to not like Woratana's Multiple Fogs...

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