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  • Hello Everyone.
    So.. um .. I've downloaded the Pretty Gauge Plugin, it was recommended to be under the Core Engine, to be honest, everything was alright, the battle system is fine, literally everything except the Main Menu, whenever I trust to access to it , I get this error :

     And when I check , It's from the Core Engine :

    I deleted the Pretty Gauge Plugin , still nothing , I've replaced it everywhere else , yet no effects , I have re-downloaded the Core Engine , but nothing new, but when I delete the Core Engine, everything is fine again.
    I really need the Core Engine , most of YEPs cant work without it .. also it has The Resolution Setting .. and .. it's just .. you know ..
    Can you Please help me to fix the Core Engine ?
    I really can't do any progress and I have tons of Sketches to turn into proper art for my game and this error is keeping me insane and nervous ...

    Here's my Plugin Manager, ordered by Yanfly Orders from

    Th-Thank you in Advance ...
    (I've tried to start a new game and copy files but nothing... hopefully I get answers ASAP...)
    You need to post this as a status, not a thread. 
    Er, my mistake, you need to post it as a thread, not a status. 
    Right. We require you to post this as a thread, and not use the status feed for these kind of things. Post it under Plug-in support, as it is about using a plug in. Locked.
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