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    Random Encounters vs. Visual Encounters

    Personally, I don’t mind either system so long as encounters aren’t too intrusive as I’m trying to explore the map. In this context, “intrusive” encounters could mean things like having random encounters occur at a very high rate, visual encounters which can chase the player down at high speeds...
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    To Durability Or Not To Durability

    I think durability systems are often tricky to implement in games because they’re fundamentally a type of penalty. The mechanic itself isn’t inherently “fun,” and more extreme versions can lead to hoarding behavior if they’re designed poorly. The best implementations of durability mechanics are...
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    Designing a combat system: Where do you start?

    If I’m building a system from scratch, the first two things I consider are: 1) What idea(s) am I trying to express in this project? 2) What combat systems have I found engaging in other existing games? Are there aspects of these systems that I would personally change? Would those changes...
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    RMVXA Game based on Grid Battle System

    Sounds like a fun concept! I have some thoughts on how the underlying strategy of your battle system might take shape, based on what you’ve already described. The ideas below could be totally out of line with whatever your actual vision for your combat is, but maybe they’ll at least give you...
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    ADHD and Game Dev

    I haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD, but as someone who’s also been working in RPG Maker for a considerable amount of time without a release, and who also often has issues with staying on track, I can empathize with your frustration. It sounds like you’ve already read through a lot of the...
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    RMMV Eternal Dreamers | Battle-Focused RPG | Update January 20th

    Okay, then here goes. We've got a lot to cover, and I kind of...really got carried away with the analysis, so I apologize in advance. This is a book. Get comfy. Since I've already mentioned the two most significant global issues (Stun/Freeze and infinite loops), let's start off with a class...
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    RMMV Eternal Dreamers | Battle-Focused RPG | Update January 20th

    This project looks solid! Question for you, @Biestmann: is the current demo still mostly up to date when it comes to your characters’ skill design? I played through the campaign on normal and have some thoughts on your character balance I’d like to share, but it will take me some time to write...
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    Triggering an Effect on an Actor Before Command Input

    I’m trying to avoid having the reset trigger after the actor’s first skill, because it hides information from the player about how much MP that character will actually have once the skill finishes. Since MP influences the enemy’s AI, that potentially makes it confusing for players to anticipate...
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    Triggering an Effect on an Actor Before Command Input

    I’m using MV, so I don’t think the Ace script will work, sorry! I’ll try to explain what I’m trying to do in a bit more detail. I’m using DreamX’s ITB Battle system, which is pretty similar to Yanfly’s STB, but it’s more geared toward characters taking multiple actions per turn. The plugin can...
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    Triggering an Effect on an Actor Before Command Input

    @Oddball Could you please elaborate a bit? I’m not sure what exactly to include in the event to get it to do what I want. Edit: If it helps, the specific effect I’m trying to trigger is to set the actor’s MP to 1. I’m not using MP for its traditional purpose, and I want each actor’s MP...
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    Triggering an Effect on an Actor Before Command Input

    My battle system uses an STB-style turn order, where actors execute commands immediately after the player selects them. What I want to know is this: is there a way to trigger an effect on an actor when it becomes their individual turn to act, but before the player inputs any commands for them...
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    Including the Player in a Game's Story?

    I can think of a couple examples, though they involve some pretty heavy spoilers, since this narrative device is used as part of a larger twist in each. It’s been ages since I’ve played it, but the Gamecube RPG Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean did something like this. The player...
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    Animation Editor Repeatedly Crashing MV

    @Freddo What ultimately resolved this issue for me was updating/reinstalling my graphics driver. I had given up on this problem, but then a Windows update deleted my drivers and made MV crash immediately whenever I tried to open the program. After I reinstalled the graphics driver and could...
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    The story of your first project!

    @ShaflaHopeLove Glad you found some motivation from my story! I’ll be rooting for you as well!
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    The story of your first project!

    This isn’t really a conventional first project story, but I first started with RPG Maker just under a year and a half ago, and I’ve been gradually iterating on my first project ever since then. What’s unusual about my time working on this project is that I’m a volunteer doing health work in a...

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