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    The Room horror RPG/VN

    Everyone, thanks for playing my game. Dreadshadow, thanks for the wonderful review. I know there are a few minor problems here and there, but I hope you enjoyed the game to the fullest. I've updated the game a few times already and I think I won't be able to do that anymore because I've become...
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    The Room horror RPG/VN

      WARNING: This game contains references to Satanism and black magic, so player's discretion is advised.   Download: The game can be downloaded from :   Story: The story of 'The Room' follows our occult loving protagonist who gets an apartment for a...

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Each area of my game acts sort of like a level of sorts. These 3 are the bosses of the first area. Called Team Outcast, there's Riley, Mary Mars McQueen (Triple M), and Enig. A trio of wanna be super heroes.

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I made a menu option that pulls a (accurate) version of the world map from my game instead of having a "traditional" world map. How did I do?


..Every time after I edit it and repost it I find a new tiny error I made. :kaodes:
Town Design is the best part of an RPG. Well, that and dungeon design

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