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    Summon Plugin?

    If you add YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js plugin, then you can do summoning and unsummoning with that plugin along with YEP_BuffStatesCore.js plugin: Let's assume you have both plugins installed then you need to do the following steps: #1 - Create an actor you wish to summon #2 - Add this notetag...
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    Hairs for Generator for RPG Maker MV?

    Here -
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    Need a little help with event settings.

    -.- Show me your event
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    Need a little help with event settings.

    Just put another conditional branch to check if switch is on/off (example from MV, but in ACE will work too)
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    Need guidance with game logo

    @Ellie Jane , @Dutchmountain ,@AccolourChris All of your work is great and appreciate it. I did some testing and I stuck... - and @AccolourChris yes, I'd love to have that PSD to see how did you do that (maybe I learn something new) @Ellie Jane effects on text is pure...
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    HELP! Moving game from MV to MZ

    Perhaps this topic will help
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    Best size for message window?

    @Mr. Detective It looks like this:
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    How to make a door open and reveal an NPC behind it?

    Simple - just before opening doors use "set event location" event ( ) and place it in same position as doors.
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    Best size for message window?

    I found perfect solution for overall layout of message window: I left it by default 100% width of window game, but I padded (squized) space for actor face and text by 164 pixels from left and right, this way text and portrait look like more centered in window and it made it better to read...
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    Need guidance with game logo

    After two years of my project development I finally got game title, however I have no idea how to make my current logotype look like in common fantasy game... I am no artist at all and barely know only few tricks in photoshop, so I wanted to ask, what can I possibly do to make my logotype look...
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    Checking Party Members Stats

    Proper way to use these are: $gameParty.members()[memberIndex].stat or $ because $ uses info directly from DataActors.json and $gameParty.members()[id] refers to current party in play TIP: $gameParty.members()[0] is current Party leader and you...
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    Download warning on Chrome on the new forum

    Change browser from chrome to opera or brave.
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    What's The Story Behind Your Avatar?

    When I was creating my avatar I tried to show on it my entire personality: elegant, but dowdy, dark evil countour of character, but kind heart hidden deep inside, self claimed servant of night and darkness, but longing for warm light and purification, full of hatred and arrogance, but desiring...
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    RMMZ Is there any free plugin for enemy hp bars?

    @Oir two things: #1 It's not free #2 It's not for MZ version @RChrPisG - This should do
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    Custom monster sprite help...


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