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  • Friend started making me watch an anime called Dusk Maiden of Amnesia....havent been able to work on rpg. Save yourselves.
    You should watch Psycho Pass...
    @Tai_MT Yes because i need another distraction from the RPG im making XD
    Everyday im shuffling....all over the corpses of my victims- i guests...yes...thats what i mean....
    My First RPG "Black Star" is going well surprisingly. For a first timer and soloing it, its working out well.
    Gotta love when you trafer the player to the wrong map and it takes you ages to fix it. *takes headache medicine*
    Saltwater Croc
    Saltwater Croc
    That's where the fun of it all is! You get to find out just what is causing all the other problems, and sometimes fixing that one problem takes care of many others! It's so cool that way!
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Either I just had one of those dreams where you think you're awake, or I have time traveled. I woke up at 6:58am this morning, heard my father leaving for work, laid back down, now its 1:16am.
So the overhaul on my project has been going great, I like this version of the project a lot more. It's more contained and less overly ambitious for what I can achieve given my constraints on time, money, and skills in advanced programming. I'm going to wait till my project is mostly finished to begin working UI polish again. I'm going to learn how to use LUNA MV to polish the project.
last time i used this site i was a different gender.. wow rlly makes u think... anyway transing ur gender is pretty cool and theres hair growing on my feet now 10/10
I should have listened to RPGMAKER Meme thread. I should have backed up my data. The Orphan of Time, my WIP, is completely gone, all those hours of work are completely gone :(
God what was my life before smartphones (I had a grandma's phone before wednesday)

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