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    RMMZ Cthulhu Asylum [Horror Game]

    Cthulhu Asylum Story Synopsis Plot Synopsis Images Walkthrough Game Notes Download
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    RMMV Jin Conception COMING TO STEAM

    This looks really cool. I love the artwork, sounds, and battle system. I enjoy seeing games made on RPG Maker that doesn't look like it was made on it. Does that make sense? I think games like this gives the engine a good name and shows that the only limitation is your imagination. Great work!
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    Save BGM

    There's an issue that I have when replaying the BGM. When I go to one room and play a BGM, I want that that BGM to continue if the player goes to the previous room which has the Replay BGM event command. But if they return to that previous room, the song resets. I want it to continue playing...
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    Save BGM

    It's hard to explain the question that I have so instead I am going to explain what happens in the game then try to ask my question from there. So in my game, you're in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. In the main room (pretty much the whole first floor) there's a song that plays (Autoplay...
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    Randomizing Input Number Event Command

    Yes! The second variable "Input" was what I was missing! Thank you so much! Lol no worries! Thank you for trying to help!
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    Randomizing Input Number Event Command

    I'm creating a puzzle where the player has to find a combination lock number to progress through the game (if they input the wrong number, get a 'wrong number' message). However, if the player knows the combination number ahead of time they skip important parts of the game. So I thought to...
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    Does Mac version work on MacOS Big Sur?

    System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Click the lock to make changes > Enter Password > + > Choose RPG Maker MV from Applications While you're at it, do the same thing for Accessibility just to be safe.
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    Bug RPG Maker MZ not working on M1 Macs

    I'm on the same boat here. I also made a post about this. The same issues persists with RPG Maker MV as well. Hoping there's a solution found or an update soon.
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    RPG Maker MV/MZ on Apple Silicon (Apple M1 chips)

    Was I supposed to web browser deployment instead of a Mac OS X? How do I test a web browser deployment? EDIT: Also, yeah I think there is a native version of Firefox for Apple M1. I've downloaded it already. EDIT #2: I did a web browser deployment and tried opening the index.html on the...
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    RPG Maker MV/MZ on Apple Silicon (Apple M1 chips)

    Yep, just tried that. I deployed a game and tested it (with canvas mode) and things get a little weird. So weird that It's hard to explain but I'll try. Well firstly, it still crashes. The window will open then just shutdown randomly. Second, there's like a weird glitch that happens. Like the...
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    RPG Maker MV/MZ on Apple Silicon (Apple M1 chips)

    Almost definitely an issue with nwjs and arm and even vram limitations. The person from support who was helping me mentioned it probably could be VRAM issue. And yeah, the M1 is an ARM based processor. But if that's the case, would that mean the developers for RPG Maker would have to make a...
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    RPG Maker MV/MZ on Apple Silicon (Apple M1 chips)

    Just tried the canvas mode after you mentioned it and the playtest still crashes. As far as the vram, I am not to knowledgeable on that and have a hard time finding out how much vram the M1 chips have but I can say that the M1 chip has an 8-core gpu. Not sure if that means anything.
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    RPG Maker MV/MZ on Apple Silicon (Apple M1 chips)

    There isn't any posts anywhere (that I know of) that talks about this so thought I'd do my part for the community and point this out. If you are interested in getting the new MacBooks that were released last month and you use RPG Maker MV or MZ then I'd recommend you avoid these Macs. I...
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    What's the point of Script Calls?

    Wow thank for all the replies guys! Was really helpful.
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    What's the point of Script Calls?

    Hey all. Was wondering what's the benefit of using script calls? Like why use something like "$gameMessage.add("Show Text Script Call")" instead of just using the "Show Text" event command?

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