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    Thread of a buncha monsters

    You do have a unique style. Personally I enjoyed your Golem, it's head especially was original.
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    Hello there!

    I like the idea of tales for smaller projects. Best of luck to you Blackwolf!
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    SCAReStaff October 2018

    Some very cool looking tiles!

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Dirtnap wrote on Tyler Warren's profile.
Hi Tyler,

My name is Sean, I am the owner of an indie studio, and I am looking to get some paid art work done. I am working with MV, but our programmer will be heavily modifying it.

If you are interested, or would like to hear more, I can provide my personal e-mail address.

The stream will be live shortly with some more Witcher 3! Feel free to drop by~
Its Chinese new year today! Happy year of the rat~
just got back from the doctor about my back - 3 -)~ will know in a week or so's time how bad the problem is. Overall doing better though! not hurting so badly.

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