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  1. What is your "ideal" amount of party members in a standard RPG?

    I feel like it depends on the type of story being told. For a story that revolves around every event happening to the entire party, I feel like 4 is probably the right amount of people. More characters being very closely related to the plot starts getting messy imo. For a story where people are...
  2. OcRam MZ -plugins

    I believe OcRam does have the plugin set to portrait style, just with no utilized notetags. Or else his screenshot would be the ugly side menu style xD. (Nice portraits btw! The MZ full character art is so all over the board in terms of width, that I had to whack them all down to a standard...
  3. OcRam MZ -plugins

    Thank you for the update on the QOL bug! The bust images are a notetag from the VizuMZ_1_MainMenuCore. (scroll down a little in the help file) My actor's note box looks like this for reference.
  4. OcRam MZ -plugins

    Thank you so much for this solution poorrabbit! I spent over an hour trying to figure out the camera issue and didn't think to try that. Also, Vizu updated their Core plugin to version 1.30 on March 19th and the issue still exists, if anyone else was wondering. (Edit) After messing around a...

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