A list of attributes, some quite random, that apply to me! I'm a...
-Traditional and digital artist!
-Freelance writer!
-Nature-lover and ravenous gardener/mushroom hunter!
-Slytherin (Potter ftw)!
-Member of the furry fandom (lacking fur and having scales XD)!
-Non-binary person!
-Suffers from Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety and PTSD (defeated depression diagnosis about a year ago)!
-Forgiving and empathetic, yet neurotic and a bit of a glutton!
-Graduated *** laude from Roanoke College, now battling valiantly against debt! XP
-Loves RMXP!

I use they/them/their pronouns. ^w^; I'm pretty forgiving of slip-ups considering most people don't know about that possibility--but please respect once y' know the deal.

Working on my first legit (non-crappy-n-childish) game project and want to make a good deal of my custom graphics for it available for others too. So far I have some battlers posted up in the XP resources, plan to have XP RTP-matching sprites available up there too.

I am open to requests for what to add to the battler graphics. Any fantasy creature will do--I draw humanoids, anthro characters, quadrupeds, some mechas and the like.
Aug 10, 1991 (Age: 30)
First Language
Primarily Uses
Fantasy, Anthro, Storytelling
Freelance Illustrator/Writer


Greetings from the Cuddlesnake~ ^^ This signature is under construction!



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Celebrating the arrival of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere :)

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