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    Stopping SV Battlers from Moving

    I'm using custom sprites and I really need the SV battlers to just sit still as opposed to the normal slightly moving back and forth.
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    Assembling a Sprite Sheet?

    But I don't have Photoshop nor do I have any editing software like it. That was why I asked for assistance in this task.
  3. Spindaboy

    Assembling a Sprite Sheet?

    1. I am having trouble understanding which sprites go where on the battle sprite sheet, 2. I am having trouble aligning them precisely.
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    Question about debuffs

    Correct, and also by using Yanfly's Buff and State Core you can have more control over certain aspects of buffs such as how many times a stat can be raised. Link:
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    Assembling a Sprite Sheet?

    I made custom sprites for my project, however I don't know how to assemble them on the MV Sprite Sheets. Would somebody mind helping me? (There is one for battle sprites and one for overworld sprites).
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    Making character with hidden Stat

    This may be a good start for you :)  
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    Final Fantasy Fan Game | Assembling Dev Team

    Are you still interested in being a part of the team?
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    Increasing Yanfly's ATB Speed

    I need to increase the speed beyond the standard formula. I have tried multiplying the formula but nothing changes. Seriously the gauge fills so slowly you will die IRL before it ever gets to your turn. (and yes the speed is set to 10)
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    Custom Balloon Icons?

    I have a sheet of custom balloon icons, but where do I put it to overwrite the default?
  10. Spindaboy

    Final Fantasy Fan Game | Assembling Dev Team

    Request sent : )
  11. Spindaboy

    knockout to death battle system

    Are you looking for the character to be untargetable while temporarily knocked out?
  12. Spindaboy

    petrified or stoned status?

    There is an easy way to do this :) Just use this plugin:
  13. Spindaboy

    Help with changing how my attack "skill" works!

    Heyyyy funny seeing you here! I actually have a plugin in our game already you can use: If you need any more help with setting it up just let me know on Skype ; )
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    Final Fantasy Fan Game | Assembling Dev Team

    I've sent you a request on Skype : )
  15. Spindaboy

    Final Fantasy Fan Game | Assembling Dev Team

    We would be honored to have you on the team! Do you by chance have a Skype?

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