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    Quasi's Sight and Movement Scripts

    Indeed, it does see through tiles, but I've been working around that by using events to block LOS well enough to have it be playable in a sense.   I did discover the issue with random move,  they move all crazily in one pixel increments. Very indecisive NPCs
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    Quasi's Sight and Movement Scripts

    Quasi, you are the actual best.  The qmove function does exactly what I need it to.   In my project, I'm using Core 0.4.9,  Movement 1.3.1, and Sight 0.8, and Sight still worked like a dream.   I'll definitely be looking forward to the new script too.    I have one followup question.  For...
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    Quasi's Sight and Movement Scripts

    Hey everyone! I've been beating my head against the proverbial wall for a few days regarding this, and have reached out to Quasi, but I figure in the meantime why not see if I can get help anywhere else.  Quasi has a very nifty sight script: In order to use it, it...
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    [RECRUITING] Custodes - Pressing need for Artists/Composers

    Custodes Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?   Introduction   Custodes is a labor of love, from me and my best friend.  We both have a love of the classic RPGs, Dragon Quest 1, Golden Sun, Final Fantasy 3, and the like.  We enjoy crafting storylines and new worlds, and for the past year and a half...
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    Nick van Kleef - Creating music and sound for your games

    I listened to quite a few songs on your Soundcloud, you're very talented! 

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