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    FREE SoulCry Recruitment Page

    thanks, I removed it.
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    Nice. It'd make for a cool game design concept .

    Nice. It'd make for a cool game design concept .
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    FREE SoulCry Recruitment Page

    Engine: Currently SoulCry is a MV Game but may Change to MZ. I've been running the MV game through the MZ engine. Vision: Much of the negativity that comes from RPG Maker games is that they all look the same. Game makers usually use the supplied graphics and audio rendering them...
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    RMMV MOG Hunter pick and throw MV

    Yes the object not the actor.
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    RMMV MOG Hunter pick and throw MV

    Even in the demo it locks the direction of the object you pick up.
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    RMMV MOG Hunter pick and throw MV

    Does anyone know how to have it when you pick up a object that the object will allow walking movement instead of fixed graphic? I'll like it when you change directions the object will too.
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    RMMV MOG_PickupThrow.js

    I'm trying to figure out how to have the whatever event you pick up turn it's self switch on when you throw it (so on certain object/event will brake and such) Anyone have any ideas how I could add a this. change self switch d on?
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    RMMZ Animations layers

    Any chance anyone could make a plugin that will place animations one layer above target (whether it's ally or enemy) when display type is for each target. I hate how when you, example cast a healing spell for one target but then It's on top all actors.
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    RMMZ Battle selection change

    Can anyone make a plugin so that instead of a character moving forward when it's their turn They flash (fade in white effect and fade out) with a icon that floats above their head. Same when selecting an enemy (with a different icon)? There should be a option to set how quickly the flash effect...
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    Really need Help!!!! Chrono Engine issue

    I'm using moghunter's chrono engine (non-abs) and when I do attacks that move to a target, when the actor returns to their home position, they move down a couple of pics and stay that even after the battle is finished. Has this happen to anyone else? I'm not sure if I wrote the tool wrong or if...
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    Would you be interested/available for small edits/fixes to mog hunters chrono engine?

    Would you be interested/available for small edits/fixes to mog hunters chrono engine?

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