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    Avy's MV Stuff ~ Newest: Trash cans and some handy character edits

    Thank you so much Avery! Way late to say this but Merry Christmas! ALSO, DOORS ON THE SIDE? BLESS!
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    Overworld Enemy Fighting?

    @Horn Thank you for giving me the actual name of this fight style. I did a small bit of research on it, looks like it’d be a challenge to set up. It’s a good thing I’d only need it to be a simple hack and slash ordeal.
  3. Spookybun

    Overworld Enemy Fighting?

    I've seen this done before but I'm not sure how to do it myself. But basically, I only want to reserve the battle system for bosses. I want to have the rest of the enemies on the board, where all the skills will not be necessary to take them out because the character will always have a sword...
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    Favorite Game Aesthetics?

    I like to focus on dialogue. I feel like it’s an important element to have
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    Favorite Game Aesthetics?

    Hello there! I'm wondering what everyone's favorite aesthetic is in games. This might have already been asked? But I would personally like to ask it myself, anyways. I'm someone that really likes aesthetics. Gaming mechanics and genre aren't included in this--well, genre kind-of is, as it can...
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    Alternative punishments for dying

    I agree with the comments that are against “punishing” the players for dying. Or even just punishing them in general. Dying is something that can happen inevitably. Why should anyone be reprimanded for it? It says something about you as a dev to think it’s necessary to “punish” the player for...
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    Most Frustrating Things in RPGs?

    The “option to choose” feature bothers me in games for the same reason that they don’t tend to be fleshed out well when it comes to the option of the same-sex partner, or that partner runs on the stereotypes based around their sexuality. If you’re not going to fully flesh out a character to be...
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    How do I change my username?

    @Archeia Hello! I'd like my username to be changed to Spookybun! I checked that it wasn't taken, but if you're not able to change it to that for whatever reason, Spooky-bun (or Spooky_bun, if you can't do hyphens) would be a fine alternative. Thank you for making this an option! EDIT: Thank...
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    Most Frustrating Things in RPGs?

    @Aesica That's exactly what I thought. I don't like the broody types of characters, so I'll be sure it make it well-done! Thank you for responding to me!
  10. Spookybun

    Username? [Solved]

    @Kes THANK!! I'm not exactly sure how to check if a username has been taken, but thank you for the link! EDIT: Nevermind, I found out how to check! I'll be sending a thing for this to be closed!
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    Username? [Solved]

    Is... there a way to change your username on here? Because I decided on a certain username I want to use across the board on different websites, including here. But I can't figure out how to change my username on here to reflect it. Is it possible to change your name on here at all?
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    Most Frustrating Things in RPGs?

    Could you go into further explanation about the "grumpy" protagonist? Because I'm actually making a protagonist in one of my games that's grumpy, but she's got very good reason for it (won't go into details) but are you talking about characters who got a general "life sucks" attitude and you...
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    Looking for Matching Stairs

    @ShadowDragon Yeah something like that. But I’m not sure how to go about making my own (or what RTP means).
  14. Spookybun

    Looking for Matching Stairs

    I'm looking for diagonal, horizonal, and vertical stairs that're all of the same set/style (or at least look similar?) If anyone has some or knows of some stairs like that, it would help a lot, thank you!
  15. Spookybun

    Monster Family Plugin?

    The weakness part isn’t what I’m looking at, necessarily. It’s more for the bookkeeping in a bestiary, and being able to link the type of monster it was to the right hunter. Also thank you. I missed the Plugin forum, I’m sorry!

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